Hicon Group has a state of the art production and manufacturing plant at Sahibabad, about 2 km from the national capital.The plant is spread over an area of about 8000 sq. metre. With the use of highly advanced machinery and the latest technology at the plant, we ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We take immense pride in our machines and production plants that always aim at sustainable and unending development.

We continuously work hard to maintain the highest quality of all our products and at every stage.The products go through a series of meticulous checks, tests and controls before being delivered to you. A highly professional and dedicated quality-control with tonnes of experience makes sure that you get nothing but the best. Our products are manufactured under stringent quality control procedures and all the guidelines are followed.

Highly advanced machinery is used at each and every plant, thus ensuring that our customers get 100% satisfaction. Read on to get an overview of our machinery and working methodology.

Trupunch 2020
This high class machine is a fully automatic and can efficiently perform the loading and unloading tasks. It is such an advanced machine that even unmanned operations can be successfully performed. After the task is over, the operator is informed via SMS or email. It is cost effective and reliable. Thanks to Trupunch 2020 we get a lot of flexibility in our production. It gives an accuracy of 0.01 mm.


TruLaser 1030
TruLaser 1030 is a highly technologically advanced machine. With low initial investment and operational cost, it is effective, reliable and simple to operate. It is very easy to install this machine thus no hard labour is required and gives tension free production. All the machines are connected to a master computer for greater control and quality checks. In this modern and competitive world, this machine becomes your true companion and guides you through the entire operation with intelligent dialogue based menu.


Bending machine
This machine is an integral part of our production system and is a great asset to the company. It is capable of bending sheets with dimensions as high as 8mm (thickness) X 3.5mt. All international standards of safety are followed when working with such heavy machines. All the units of this dependable and steadfast machine are connected to a master computer for greater control and superior management. This automation has largely reduced the probability of incorrect programming.


NC/HNC Hydraulic Shearing machine
These are compact, low maintenance and impeccable hydraulic units that have become an indispensable part of the production unit. These advanced machines automatically adjust the pressure depending on the thickness of the sheet. With this machine, what we get is a precise and well defined end result. The machine is effective, efficient and requires no heavy labour, making production easy and hassle free.

Powder coating plant

The powder coating plant makes use of the latest technology and production methodology to deliver fine quality products. With full conveyor powder coating with 9 tank treatment process, the quality is to reckon with. The plant has 2 spray booths and a 40 ft long oven making powder coating possible on any component size. The plant is supervised by a team of skilled and dedicated professionals ensuring high quality which in turn means great customer satisfaction levels.

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