Apart from the world class unit 1, the services are extended to our second unit. We carry out the production of quality products at this highly advanced unit under strict supervision of our dedicated and able team. The products undergo a host of quality checks before reaching you, thus ensuring that what you get is sheer perfection. The production plant is spread over 30,000 sq. feet and with the state of the art technology and infrastructure; we envision taking the production process to towering heights.

World class homes need world class products. Thus our machinery and raw materialsin our Noida unit are specially imported from Italy for exclusively manufacturing modular kitchens.

Some of the high class machines that we use in this production plant are:
Klever GFT
This one is the perfect option for small and medium sized businesses. It offers a host of features at a competitive price which makes it a must have in the production unit. It is dedicated for processing wood and wood derivatives. But the variation of this machine is quite high. Therefore it can also be used for plastic as well, for creating signs and displays.


Jade 340
This is an automatic single sided edge banding machine that uses latest technology and methodology. It is an ideal choice for small and medium scale businesses. The best part of having this machine is that we can get different versions of the end product and can get customised results depending on the needs of the client. It is flexible, reliable and very easy to use and maintain.


Active Drill 21
Active Drill 21 is a semi-automatic single head boring machine. It works wonder for small and medium scale batch productions. Push buttons for start and stop are handy thus contributing to easy processing.


For all the sanding solutions is the VIET S1 213 KRR-T. It is a highly versatile sanding machine and is the perfect option for applications like: sanding of solid wood, veneered panels, chipboard, mdf, melamine panels and sanding of lacquered panels for matt finishing. This technologically advanced machine delivers results of the highest quality standards. It is easy to use because of the main drive panel which controls the machine with utmost care.


Active edge
Active edge is a manual edge bander that works with great effectiveness and efficiency. It is an advanced machine that can process panels of any shape and size with great ease. The great versatility that this machine offers is its greatest strength. Easy to use and maintain, Active Edge gives the best results at an affordable price.


Paint Booth with Sanding station
Our paint booth is especially designed for having smooth, flawless finish. . It has an advanced air handling unit which can keep minutest dirt particulate away from the spray zone and results in dirt free environment for achieving silky smooth lustrous finish. The Italian design sanding station in conjunction with the paint booth provides zero waviness and superb surface finish which is the prerequisite to have a world class finish.
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